I’m a student by day and a developer by night. This is my list of projects that I’ve published or am working on at the moment.

Want to verify a signed commit or encrypt a security hole report? I have a PGP key.

!Fantasy Fitness

!Fantasy Fitness is the summer training game for Highland Park Cross Country. Athletes and community members score points by recording their exercise activity over the summer. The team started playing in 2012 and has gotten stronger every year since.


The Carleton Building Dashboard (CBD) is a one-stop site to see if various facilities on campus are open at the moment. Launched in September 2015, the site is now used by hundreds of students each term.


I do website work and have written a WordPress plugin for Carleton’s radio station, KRLX-FM. Because there are lots of smaller projects for the station I maintain a separate page for them.

Other projects

I’m usually experimenting with interesting ideas on The Sandbox.