CBD 3.0

I’m happy to announce the release of CBD 3.0 for the 2016-2017 academic year. The site is now live with academic term hours and lots of new features that I think you will enjoy!

You can expand the post for a full list of new buildings and improvements, or just head over to CBD at sayleshill.xyz. In accordance with the 3.0 release, the old sandbox mirror has been completely disconnected.

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Thank you for your feedback!

In the three days the CBD feedback form has been up, I’ve received 35 responses with some very useful feedback. Thank you to everyone who submitted ideas on how I can improve the site over the summer! I’ll leave the form up for another few days just in case you want to add your two cents, but with this data I think I’ve got enough of a direction to start planning.

Because I like having open data, I’ll share some of the insights.

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CBD Summer Schedule and Feedback

As it has done for winter and spring breaks, CBD will be taken offline during Carleton’s summer break. (This is largely because most facilities have different hours than normal during the summer, and not everyone posts them as abundantly as academic term hours.)

The full schedule is as follows:

  • Tuesday, May 31: Reading Days and finals hours posted for common facilities (dining facilities, Libe, KRLX, etc). These will take effect automatically.
  • Tuesday, June 7: Site is switched to LDC only (all other facilities will be hidden)
  • Friday, September 9: All facilities return with academic term hours

In the meantime, please give me feedback on the site by filling out this form if you have a minute. I’ll try to give the site a bit of improvement over the summer, as not much has changed since its full (v2.0) launch in late September 2015.

Whether you’ve used the site a hundred times or you’ve never heard of it, and whether or not you give feedback via the form above, thank you for using the site – it means a lot to me!

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KRLX Playlist v1.0 Release

I’ve released the first public version of the KRLX Playlist widget!

Ever since we switched to our new website, we haven’t had a publicly viewable song log running. With this plugin it is now possible to have a running ticker of what’s been played on air.

Although the commit history might seem fairly short, WordPress does have a bit of a learning curve to it (though thankfully it’s not super steep). It’s exciting for me to now have a bit of experience in WordPress under my belt. Next up, SAS!

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May the Fourth Be With You!

Today is May 4th, which is celebrated by Star Wars fans worldwide. In celebration, CBD has been updated to version 2.20, with a Star Wars themed update!

May the Fourth be with you!

May the Fourth be with you!

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KRLX switches to WordPress tomorrow!

The theme is selected, the plugins have started to get written, and the old site is ready to migrate. The switch will occur starting at approximately noon tomorrow.

Here are all of the details you need to know, and some answers to common questions.

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KRLX SAS WordPress Plugin

In anticipation of KRLX’s switch to WordPress, I’ve started work on one of two plugins I’ll be writing for it. Eventually, the Record Libe will be fully integrated into WordPress, as will SAS. I’ve started work on the SAS plugin at the moment.

The plugin development will be occurring on GitHub (krlx-wordpress) if you’re interested. Please note that this plugin will not be hosted on wordpress.org, but I am making it open source anyway. The software is licensed under GNU GPL 3.

I have also set up PGP keys on my GitHub, so you should start seeing “Verified” appear next to my commit messages and releases! They won’t show up unless you click directly on the commit or release in question. Additionally, my public PGP key is posted at tatebosler.com/pgp should you need it.

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KRLX is switching to WordPress!

The main KRLX website (krlx.org) will be switching from Joomla to WordPress for content management on Monday, May 2, 2016. The transition will start at noon and I hope the bulk of the work will be done by 5pm.

KRLX board members are testing WordPress this week, and there is a plugin to move all of our content over from Joomla (hooray!), so the transition next week should be fairly straightforward, just like how everything else moved to Goldenrod. This will mean a new look and feel to the site, as well as better content management from our perspective.

As I mentioned previously, I hope to integrate our new record library cataloging system into the new site, so that users have a seamless experience seeing what we have available in our collection. The cataloging process is going to take a long time, but when it’s done, it will mean anyone can search for and borrow our collection of music to play during their shows. Additionally I will soon start work on integrating SAS into WordPress for better management in the future.

The site will be taken offline during this time, but I hope you’ll agree that it’ll be worth it. The Record Libe cataloging system will also be unavailable briefly, although service should be restored quickly. The stream will NOT be affected – you can still listen at radio.krlx.org, but at least initially, there won’t be a link there from the main site.

I hope you enjoy our new site – the board has been hard at work testing it, and we think you’ll enjoy it.

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CBD is now at sayleshill.xyz

Calling all users of Carleton Building Dashboard (CBD)! If you’re still using the old site, it’s time to update your bookmarks and iOS quick-launch icons to point to sayleshill.xyz.

CBD was originally launched in the sandbox at /carleton/hours. Once demand for the site grew, and the address was hard to remember, I purchased the domain sayleshill.xyz and rewrote the site to be easier to use. Now it gets about 40 hits a day, which I’m really proud of.

If you still use the old sandbox link, you’ll be presented with a page warning you to update your bookmarks. This is a temporary page which will be removed prior to Peer Leader Camp.

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Welcome to Goldenrod

Welcome to my new server! I’ve completed all app maintenance ahead of schedule, and for the most part it was a seamless transition. The sandbox and blog have been reset, old subdomains and email addresses that haven’t been used in ages have been purged, and overall the server just feels like it’s running better. You could say spring cleaning is going well!

As I like to do, I’ve named this server – and since DreamHost gave it a lovely boring name of PS some blob of numbers that I’ve already forgotten, I’ve given it a much better name: Goldenrod. I hope this new server will serve me well in the coming years as I learn new techniques and technologies, and continue to provide useful services for the Carleton community.

Expand the post for a list of the things I want to do in the next six months.

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