No Apologies

My KRLX radio show is called No Apologies.

For Fall Term 2016, No Apologies is on air Thursdays 8-9pm Central (Fridays 2-3am UTC). You can listen in on 88.1 FM in Northfield, or online at from just about anywhere in the world.

I do take requests, though since I over-engineer the playlist in advance (except during Wing It Week or Takeover weeks, see below), if you really want me to play a song your best option is to get in touch ahead of time. Because the show is outside of safe harbor hours, all songs must be clean. (If it has a red “E” tag on Apple Music, I can’t play it; other songs can be explicit even if they don’t have the red tag.)

Wing It Week

Originating in Winter Term 2016 (when the show was called “How Not to Play Monopoly, Part 17”), Wing It Week is an episode of No Apologies where there are two rules to the playlist:

  • No making plans in advance.
  • No playing from Apple Music, unless a listener requests something.

Usually this means going into the record libe, picking out random records, and seeing what happens.


(I do have playlists from all of my shows – some of them just aren’t up yet since I haven’t named them or whatever. Playlists with links will take you to the Apple Music page where you can subscribe to the playlist.)

2016-11-10: “Zone 2 Takeover” (pending confirmation)

2016-11-03: “Wing It Week 16FA”, basically the same as Winter Term 2016.

2016-10-27: “Halloween Music and Really Bad Puns”

2016-10-20: “The Revenge of Midterm Break”

2016-10-13: “Blocks of Legends”, with blocks of Jack White and Prince, and features of Hippo Campus and Nobel-laureate Bob Dylan. Most of these artists are Minnesota local artists as well.

2016-10-06: Midterm Loud Music Party: Relief by Disco“, featuring a block of Bee Gees and tracks from U2, Prince, Adele, Disclosure, and Coldplay.

2016-09-29: Reflecting on Summer“, featuring some of the music I listened to the most over the summer.

2016-05-30: “See You In 4 Months”, an all-upbeat playlist to commemorate the end of freshman year and the start of summer.

2016-05-23: “Sproncert”, playing some of the tracks from Spring Concert artists.

2016-05-16: “Semicentennial”, celebrating the 50th birthday of Janet Jackson and the 50th anniversary of the release of the album “Pet Sounds” by the Beach Boys.

2016-04-25: “The Purple Reign”, with nothing but Prince.

2016-04-18: “The Waiting Game”, named for the inclusion of Up&Up by Coldplay, which was played in dedication to all of the RA candidates waiting for placement decisions.

2016-04-11: “These Go To Eleven”, a playlist of pretty much all rock-‘n-roll (with some exceptions).

2016-04-06: “Leeroy Jenkins”, a surprise No Apologies to kick off the Spring Term radio schedule.

2016-02-06: “100% Completely Non-Hostile Takeover”, when I didn’t have to make the playlist because others came in and ran the show.

2016-01-30: “All 80s Because Why Not”, self explanatory.

2016-01-23: “Wing It Week”, where there was no pre-planning. (See above.)

2016-01-16: “Never Go”, leading off with Coldplay’s “Adventure of a Lifetime”.