Project New Wave

KRLX is gearing up for a potential remodel and overhaul of our studio space. Our vision is to remodel the space to create a more progressive and freeform content creation environment, while also allowing KRLX to function as a community hub for music-themed social events.


Project Updates
Explanations of initials
Our vision

Project Updates

2017-02-13: Phase 1 is funded!

2017-01-30: CSA Senate has granted ballot access! The student body will vote during 6th week to give final funding approval.

2017-01-25: SPC has published our project request.

2017-01-23: CSA Senate has approved the project to go to their website for public consideration. On January 30, Senate will vote again to push the project to the ballot.

2017-01-22: We’ll be presenting our Phase 1 budget request to CSA on Monday, January 23, given that it’s been approved by SPC. Phase 2’s budget is on hold until spring term, as we wait for a green light from SRC and get bids for installation costs. Senate will vote on the proposal to add it to their website. On January 30 they will vote to put it on the ballot.

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What does this stand for…?

I’ll be throwing a lot of initials around, so let’s just clear these up real fast:

  • CSA: Carleton Student Association, the student government branch at Carleton, it’s headed by the Senate.
  • SPC: Student Projects Committee, a committee formed by CSA to fund special projects of interest to students.
  • SRC: Sayles-Hill Renovation Committee, a group of faculty and staff in charge of planning for renovations to Sayles (such as moving the Gender and Sexuality Center into what is now the Career Center).
  • PNW: Project New Wave, the code name of this project.

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Our vision

We envision KRLX to be a community of radio and music enthusiasts, who are interested in creating progressive, freeform multimedia content. The exact definitions of these terms we leave up to the students who participate, but we have some specific ideas in mind that we want to encourage.

  • Radio: Radio is one of the most well-participated traditions at Carleton with nearly 1 in 6 students doing a show at some point in their career, and 1 in 9 students on campus in a given term having a show. Broadcasting is the heart of KRLX and we want to ensure students can have a good experience sharing their content with the world through radio.
  • Podcasting/Newscasting: Many students have expressed interest in podcasting, newscasting, or other forms of broadcasting in which the material is largely recorded in advance (or possibly not even broadcasted over the air at all). A new recording and production studio would allow students to record content and not immediately broadcast it. Some of our equipment could also allow us to connect to the Weitz expansion studios and new Concert Hall, and we could record or even live broadcast bands or other performances there.
  • Social: KRLX also serves as a heavily social organization with several social events occurring each term. We want to transform the Record Libe to be able to accommodate all kinds of social events, from dance parties to music discussion sessions.

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KRLX’s current space includes Sayles 026 and 027, which are divided and used as follows:

  • 026: Main hallway in the center of the space
  • 026A: Studio B – Recording and production studio, can be used as an extension of Studio A. Often used for storage during Record Libe social functions.
  • 026B: Studio A – FM broadcasting studio
  • 027: Record Libe – Circulating media collection, space for meetings and social gatherings
  • 027A: Engineering closet – Technical and emergency broadcasting equipment, studio manuals, wiring diagrams, etc

An approximate diagram of our current space is as follows, along with the current usage of the spaces immediately adjacent to ours.

Our vision is to expand into the spaces immediately adjacent to us on both ends and to use them for expanded KRLX projects. The new space would be configured as follows:

  • The existing Studios A and B would be merged together to create one large Studio A. We would configure such a studio with five seats on a single console.
  • The Record Libe would be expanded north, giving more shelf space for records and more floor space for social events. (We’d also love to paint part of the north wall with chalkboard paint.)
  • The engineering closet would be relocated into a different corner of the record libe, and would be carded rather than keyed.
  • The storage closets south of our current space would be joined together to form a new, large production and recording Studio B, which could also serve as a space for Board meetings or more professional events. Studio B would be carded, independently of the Record Libe.
  • A new wall would be constructed along the east wall of the new Studio A, running from where the tower is up to the door (this means that the current door used for Studio A would become the door used for Studio B, and would be carded). This would create a hallway that leads into Studio B.
  • There is a small closet just off the side of what would become the new Studio B, this would be used for storage of items that require less restricted access than the engineering closet.

An approximate diagram of our long-term vision of the space is as follows (the approximate scale and layout is identical to the plan above):

On a technical note, this means that some parts of the space would be behind up to three card scanners, beyond any card scanners needed to access the building. (Any red door indicated in the images above indicates a “Restricted OneCard” door, meaning that special permission is needed for card access.)

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Part of our proposed renovation project involves replacing just about everything in our current gear. (When we started planning this project, the words “replace literally everything” were mentioned several times.) Replacing our gear would permit us to be ready for a digital radio switchover, and also ensure that we don’t have equipment that could fail at any moment.

Our phase 1 SPC budget request is for gear that we can install ourselves, or can do with our existing chief engineers, such as the mixing desk, computers, and a streaming server. Specifically, we are requesting $8,000 for:

  • a new mixing desk (the same brand and model as our current one, just the newest version)
  • new distribution amplifiers
  • a pair of new computers for the studios
  • an LCD projector for the record libe
  • an 8TB hard drive for recording content
  • a new streaming server (cause our old one hasn’t been updated in years)
  • a small overhead, just in case (mostly for cables)

Our phase 2 SPC budget request will be proposed spring term. This request will include equipment that does require professional installation, as well as the actual installation costs. We don’t know the numbers for this request yet (that’s also why it’s held until spring!), but we’ll provide an update once we have a good estimate.

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