Month: May 2019

!FF Leaderboards Updated (and other 2019 changes)

For those of you playing !Fantasy Fitness this year, the Highland leaderboards have been re-generated – hopefully for the final time. The score computation algorithm has also been updated to account for the tweaks we’ve made to the rules every year.

Caps have also been enforced retroactively. The cap system was announced in 2013, with strength training allowing up to 25 points in a rolling 7-day period and sports allowing up to 40 points. (At the time of introduction, aerobic sports were scored at 4 points per hour instead of the 2 points per hour they’re scored at today.) The caps were adjusted to the familiar 14/28 in 2014. However, a bug was present where the caps would only work in certain limited circumstances. This bug has been fixed and caps are now working correctly.

It turns out we did some… weird tings with paddling in 2014. In an experiment, we changed paddling to be time-based instead of distance-based for 2014 (it was switched back to distance in 2015). Because the scoring algorithm didn’t take this change into account, paddling scores from 2014 were artificially inflated, with several people scoring over 4,000 points that year. This has now been fixed and scores from 2014 are back to normal.

Finally, we have changed some category multipliers for 2019. Specifically:

  • Walking has decreased from 1 point per mile to 0.95 points per mile (a 5% decrease).
  • Skate rollerskiing has increased from 0.5 points per mile to 0.6 points per mile (a 20% increase).
  • Two new categories have been introduced: trainer biking (0.3 points per mile) and hiking without packs (1.1 points per mile). Hiking without packs is intended to be used for hikes on rough terrain with hiking boots, and ideally with a significant elevation gain.

Enjoy the season!

Posted by Tate Bosler