An Open Letter to the New KRLX Board

Senior year is always full of bittersweet moments, and this past weekend was definitely no exception. After nearly 8 hours of interviews and 3 hours of deliberations, the next KRLX Board of Directors has been selected, and in just over three weeks my tenure as KRLX IT Engineer will come to an end.

To the 15 new Directors and one new Interim Director, I am so incredibly excited for you and the excitement and energy you are going to bring to the station. Every single one of you is bringing a lot of creativity, enthusiasm, and passion to KRLX, and you all had a lot of great ideas that I’m really excited to see get implemented. I’m confident in the fact that KRLX is being left in some very safe and trustworthy hands: yours.

To the remaining candidates: your energy, ideas, and dedication to the station and process did not go unnoticed. So many of you would have made amazing directors in your own right, and I would have loved to elect you. I hope the decision of the Board doesn’t dissuade you from getting involved in the future, as I know a lot of the new Directors will be more than willing to accept help from you in their projects. This year was a particularly hard year for us as there were just so many amazing people and only 15 seats, and several positions were extremely competitive.

Above all, know that we really appreciate you putting yourselves out there and showing and telling us how much you love KRLX. We couldn’t help but put a smile on our faces when we heard your responses to the first few questions of the interviews, as you all have aspects of KRLX that you really love. It’s something that helps us get through an otherwise long process. And we know it’s not easy to do the application and then face 15 people at once, so we’re proud of all of you for how far you’ve come.

I’ll end with a few pieces of parting advice for the new board (the new IT engineers get additional things separately):

  1. While you all have been elected to specific positions, you are also part of the larger board and you have a lot of flexibility in your projects. If you have an idea, talk to the people in that position or the Station Manager to see how you can help make it real – because chances are you can.
  2. If you want to try something that the board isn’t currently doing, ask about it! The answer is going to be “yes” a lot more than you think. (Example: We asked to knock out walls. The answer was “yes, eventually”, which is so much better than “no”, but infinitely better than if we hadn’t asked at all!)
  3. The only cash that should be kept in the Record Libe is the change fund for merchandise sales. All other cash should be deposited in the Business Office using the “Miscellaneous Income” budget code (the Business Manager and anyone dealing with merchandise should know it).
  4. Find someone among you who can withdraw money from the Sayles ATMs without getting charged a fee (or whose ATM fees get reimbursed – yes, there are banks that do this!), and figure out their withdrawal limit. Seriously, this will help immensely with merchandise sales.
  5. Nine times out of ten, the fastest way to get something from SAO is to walk into the office and talk to a staff member. There is an assistant director whose job is to help the big organizations, including us. While it may seem incredibly bureaucratic, they are a really good resource.
  6. Don’t stop listening to random shows. You never know what you’re going to hear, and more often than not it’s pretty awesome.
  7. If you’re making frequent purchases for KRLX, talk to the Business Manager or our SAO contacts to get the budget codes you need. SAO also has credit cards that you can use to make bigger purchases or if you don’t want to deal with the reimbursement process.
  8. If you’re moving into a new role, use spring term as a time to ask questions and get advice from the person who holds your role now. We hold our elections in the winter for a reason!
  9. In this position of leadership, speed is nowhere near as important as professionalism and a good experience for the community as a whole. If you need a minute, an extra hand, or advice to help you do your job well, don’t be afraid to ask.
  10. We pride ourselves on the general silliness of DJs and their shows, while also allowing for those who take themselves a bit more seriously. Don’t put yourself at either extreme of that spectrum – make an impact on the station, and leave yourself room for some fun.

I’m going to be very sad to hand off my responsibilities in a few weeks, but I know the station is in good hands for 2019-2020. And of course, this won’t preclude me from having one last good term of my own show.

Congratulations again, and welcome aboard.

Posted by Tate Bosler