and 2019

A little over three years ago, I launched as a way to quickly display the operating status and hours of Carleton buildings. Inspired by a ski lift status board, I hacked the first version together in a week and iterated on it over the coming year.

Fast forward to today and during term the site gets about 200 hits a month. That’s not a lot by modern technology companies’ standards, but it’s nothing to sneeze at. I’m thrilled to see how many students continue to get use out of a small tool that I put together and haven’t done a lot of advertising on.

However, keen-eyed visitors will notice that data hasn’t been updated in months, and the app can occasionally show up with a blank screen. I know there are several buildings that need to be updated (I’ve received dozens of problem reports — thank you to everyone who submitted them), and I’m sorry I haven’t gotten around to doing so. Additionally, some staff from St. Olaf have released an app that is far superior to the Sayles Hill iOS app (which I whole-heartedly endorse using, as it has far more functionality than mine does).

I’m also about to graduate from Carleton, and in a few months I won’t have as keen of an interest in keeping the site up to date. (Don’t get me wrong, I love making tools that get a lot of usage, but this is one where I personally won’t be seeing the end results in a few months, so there’s less of an incentive for me to keep the site up to date. Fellow econ majors can probably relate.)

So here’s the plan.

Unless a successor comes forward, and the Sayles Hill iOS app will be decommissioned on July 7, 2019. I have paid for the domain and my Apple Developer membership through then, and I’ll probably keep a copy of the code around somewhere just in case I do something with it. However, I won’t be making updates to the Carleton files starting on July 7. Carleton students who are interested in taking over the project should send me an email and we can chat about how to make it work.

Thank you to everyone who has used and contributed to the development of, to the team at St. Olaf who built on and improved the idea, and to everyone who has found this project worthwhile.


Posted by Tate Bosler