Project New Wave Updates

It’s been a while since I’ve given an update on Project New Wave, KRLX’s project to renovate our studios and replace our gear. Since we were funded in February, a few things have happened that warrant an update.

The quick and dirty is that we’re preparing for Phase Two: construction. We’re in the process of getting our Phase Two funding on the spring ballot. But I’m getting ahead of myself – there are lots of cool things in the works. Read on for details!

  • We’ve determined that it’s more cost effective to hold off on most equipment installation until Phase Two.
    A lot of our gear, such as the console, use 20-plus-year-old wiring on punch blocks. This wiring works, but it’s very difficult to upgrade equipment in place without professional assistance. Additionally, a lot of our new gear would require us to rewire the studio to accommodate it. Since we’ve been hoping for space renovations for a while, which would require us to rewire the studio anyway, we’ve decided to rewire the studio once during construction and then install the gear, rather than install the gear just to rip it all out again.

    We know this disappoints some of you who were hoping to see consoles and computers ready for spring term radio. We were originally really excited about that possibility, but after investigating the situation we determined the best route forward was to wait and do the whole project at once this summer.

  • That being said, some gear is on order!
    Notably, our IT gear (computers and an external hard drive) has been ordered. The hard drive is here, networked, and ready to go, while our computers are still en route via ITS.
  • And for the rest of Phase 1, we have our purchase list.
    Again, we’re just waiting for the right time to purchase everything, but we know exactly what we’re going to be purchasing.
  • We’ve drawn more formal plans, and done some interior designing, for our construction.
    You can see those plans here. We’re hoping for a Tier 3 construction (expanding both our “B” production studio and the Record Libe), but we have drawn constituency plans just in case we aren’t able to expand for whatever reason.
  • We’re requesting $20,000 for furniture, installation, certification, and cosmetic upgrades for Phase Two.
    As a part of Phase Two, we need to replace furniture, and actually install and certify everything. We’ve put in a $20,000 budget request to CSA’s Student Projects Committee. I’ll link to it once it’s published on the CSA site. Assuming all goes well, any rollover funds from this phase will be used for Phase Three in the fall.

I’ll keep updating the front page with news about the project as it becomes available, but now is the time to start getting really excited! Hopefully we’ll get some good news soon!

Posted by Tate Bosler