Month: December 2016

PPS temporarily offline

Hey all,

Quick heads up: I’ve had to disable PPS (Public Printer Status at, which was just announced last week) for the time being, because the printer status feed that I was using has been updated significantly, and was causing my retrieval tool to error out and not display anything of value.

Any clients using data from the printer feed should suspend access until the issue is resolved (though accessing the data feed will just give an empty array).

The page is still up where it was, but it won’t display any data until I can figure out what’s causing the problem. Hopefully we’ll be back up and running in some capacity shortly.

I’ll keep the front page, status page, and PPS itself updated as information becomes available.

Thanks for your patience!

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CBD 3.5: Public Printers

Hey all, and happy winter break to my fellow Carls!

So you know how sometimes you’re working on a paper and you realize that you need to print it out? Like, right now? Because class is in ten minutes? So you frantically upload your paper to the web print network and send it off to whatever building is reasonably along the way to your destination.

The last thing you want to have happen is to get to the printer and find that it can’t print anything at all because someone forgot to restock the paper. Even worse is when the toner is low enough to make a bad print (which you still get charged for), but not empty enough to prevent the print.

Enter CBD 3.5’s Public Printer Status feature, available now at

PPS updates automatically with information from the Carleton ITS printer network. During the day (7:00 am to 11:00 pm, US-Central Time), updates are pushed to PPS every ten minutes. Overnight, the update frequency automatically scales back to every half hour, since it’s unlikely that a 3:30 AM print will cause a major change in status.

Printers that ITS has flagged as restricted-access don’t appear on PPS, along with any printers that aren’t accessible to students via the standard web print network. (Department heads: if your printer appears on PPS but you don’t want it to, talk to ITS to get it restricted to faculty, staff, and student workers only, and it will automatically disappear from PPS.)

PPS displays printers as “Ready” with a green checkmark if all is well. Most printers will display warnings in orange if they’re low on paper or toner. Errors will display in red. The public printers in Sayles and the Libe will display with an orange “Large Queue” status if they have 15 or more jobs pending. If you’re in a hurry, you might want to avoid the Large Queue printers if you can.

As always, please let me know if you have any feature suggestions or feedback!

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