CBD 3.0

I’m happy to announce the release of CBD 3.0 for the 2016-2017 academic year. The site is now live with academic term hours and lots of new features that I think you will enjoy!

You can expand the post for a full list of new buildings and improvements, or just head over to CBD at sayleshill.xyz. In accordance with the 3.0 release, the old sandbox mirror has been completely disconnected.

New things you can use right now

  • A new look and feel
  • Better presentation on desktop devices
  • A small handful of new facilities, with more being added over the next few weeks.
  • “Closing soon” appears 30 minutes before a facility closes, rather than 60. (You’ll be able to change this soon.)
  • Click or tap on a facility to bring up its contact information, website, location, and full hours.
  • If a facility is closed the site will show when it opens next, even if it’s a few days out (previously it would only do this if it next opened the following day).
  • Some facilities and categories have been rearranged, but most facilities should be right where they were previously. Notably, Dining will now appear at the top of the page on phones.

Features coming soon

  • Bus departures: A separate page for Willis Station is currently in development. Once it’s live you can check to see when the next bus is arriving, and which line it’s on. Live as of update 3.2!
  • Customization: Don’t like the icons? Soon you’ll be able to change them and the threshold for displaying a facility as “closing soon”.
  • OneCard access rules: If a facility requires you to tag in to access it (such as KRLX), that requirement will be displayed. If it’s limited-access, an extra warning will appear.
  • Favorites: Pin facilities to the top of the page so you can find them faster. Live as of update 3.3!
  • For St. Olaf facilities, whether the next bus will get you there on time (using either the B or L bus lines)
  • At least one secret project
  • Break and special schedule hours: At the moment the site is displaying academic term hours, but I’ll start importing break and special schedule hours. Some offices in particular have an insane number of exceptions, but the site will soon support them.

Fortunately, most offices’ hours are simpler to understand than this.

If you have any other feature suggestions or if hours are inaccurate, please do get in touch. I hope you enjoy using the new site!


Posted by Tate Bosler