Thank you for your feedback!

In the three days the CBD feedback form has been up, I’ve received 35 responses with some very useful feedback. Thank you to everyone who submitted ideas on how I can improve the site over the summer! I’ll leave the form up for another few days just in case you want to add your two cents, but with this data I think I’ve got enough of a direction to start planning.

Because I like having open data, I’ll share some of the insights.

  • 100% of respondents were Carleton students
  • “Dining halls”, “food”, and “LDC” are apparently very important buildings to keep tabs on
  • Most respondents reported using the site either a few times a week, or just a few times a term. Some chose “Anytime I wake up late and need to know if Burton is still open, but otherwise not really”. Nobody chose “Multiple times a day”.
  • It’s about a 50-50 split between computers and mobile devices, and also about 50-50 among operating systems.
  • The mean usability score was about 4.4 out of 5, which according to this handy chart, makes it pretty close to “excellent”.
  • Half of you don’t know what open source means, or know that the site is open source but don’t care. (The site is open source, and licensed under MIT!)

Suggestions for new buildings

The biggest categories that people have requested building hours for, are academic buildings and student life offices (GSC, OIIL, etc). I will be adding student life offices for fall term.

Academic buildings will be posted if I can get a confirmation of their hours and OneCard access rules. If you know of where these hours are posted, please email them to me. The CMC and the Weitz will for sure be available fall term as these hours are well known.

Some of you have also requested some Northfield businesses, especially in the food section. Those might be added later on, depending on demand. Stav Hall at St. Olaf will be available fall term, so for 2020ers who want to perform the Olaf Food Test, you can plan accordingly.

New features for v3.0

If there were to only be one responses, your request is pretty clear: Willis Station departures. I’m surprised Carleton doesn’t have a better way of displaying this information already, so I’ll take a look at it.

After bus departures was a tie between three ideas:

  •  Future hours search, so you can see whether the LDC will be open in an hour and not just right now. (Definitely possible, but the trick is how to add this without losing the ease-of-use that many of you have reported. Got an idea? Email me!)
  • Current class period. This wouldn’t work so well on Opening and Honors Convo schedule days, but on a typical schedule day I can see how this would be useful.
  • Break hours. Some facilities post break hours on their websites, others don’t. During winter and spring breaks I took the site offline completely, but in the summer it will be available, displaying LDC only. As I learn of break hours they may become available but these tend to change a lot more often than academic term hours, so don’t count on it happening over the summer.

Additionally, I can’t help but mention that almost 25% of respondents want to see April Fool’s Day jokes. So be sure to visit CBD on April 1, 2017 to see what kinds of shenanigans useful information will be available to you then.

Posted by Tate Bosler